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Thursday, April 26, 2007

life is good.

The closer i get to graduation the more i feel blessed to have the opportunities that have been given. I have a wonderful family even though i fight like crazy with them. My extended family is so incredible, my uncle is letting me be an intern for his magazine! i am so excited because that's what i really want to do! i wish i could "fast-forward" and be 25 and working for a magazine like Time, Vogue, Wired, or National Geographic! All is well with school, i am finally caught up on all my make up work and passing the classes nessary to graduate. I am trying to figure out how to ask this i like girl to prom. (anyone got some ideas?!) I am finally at peace with friends...i cut out all the bad influences in my life, and i cant tell you how good it feels to do that! Also i have made peace with allot of people who i hurt and that have hurt me, and now we are cool. Currently i have no drama, which is such a relief for once. I finally confronted a friend about the way he was treating people...and i think it made a difference, it was good to clear the air. we screamed and yelled at each other for 15 mins but it allowed us to get all this shit off our chests and now everything is chill. I love my job and work with the best people ever!! Grand Cany Crew!!!! I am really getting into photography now...which is good b/c my rents did spend $900 getting me a camera so i am finally putting it to good I'm trying to self teach and buy accessories (holy crap its expensive!!!). So right now things are great, it finally feels like i am going somewhere and doing something with my life. Well I'm off to go do some homework. peace.

Monday, April 23, 2007

the light at the end of the tunnel!

So over all thing are getting better. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am more independent that I have ever been, I pay for my own car, cell phone, gas, and other expenses. Its really nice to drive around in a car that I pay for myself. I am almost done with high school and can't wait to graduate and get on with my life.